Sunday, March 13, 2011

Place Settings for Dinner Party

Well its been a busy day with the glue gun and scissors. I have been cutting white rose heads off there stems I bought from spotlight and then using the good old glue gun to stick them to the mini topiary trees. Then once they had all been done I got out the red paint and started to paint some of the white roses like in the queens garden.

Then I did the same thing but on a bigger scale using tin pales , dowel and larger white roses and a foam ball.

After mixing some plaster together and then pouring into the tin pale, I placed the dowel in the centre and used two clips and string to hold it in centre position. Once the plaster was set I painted the dowel and when dried pushed the foam ball onto the dowel stick. It then was a process of cutting the rose heads off their stems and pushing them into the foam ball. It doesn't make any difference where you start, just ensure they are placed close together so there are not gaps.

Once that was all completed I did the same as the small topiary trees and painted the roses red. I brushed over same gently but others i covered alot more. I will take some pics and post soon.

Have fun creating..

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